Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Oregon - The Consolation Trip

frolicking on the beach 

I had been really excited for my trip to Ironman Texas and once it became clear that racing (and training) was not an option for the near future, I began to make other plans. Karl and I made an arrangement after we realized that we will be at his parents for longer than originally hoped for: I would get to go on a little trip once a month. Or maybe I just told him that's what I was going to do. Can't remember. Knowing myself and how much not being able to train affects my mental health, I was keen to take a break from doctor visits and physical therapy appointments here and there to do the things that make me feel alive and bring me joy.

As soon as Texas was off the table, I called my good friend Anne and booked a flight to Portland. I had been wanting to visit her for so long but money and time away from home is usually allocated to racing. Might as well make the best of a shitty racing season!

So at the end of May I took the train to Salt Lake, the tracks to the airport, a plane to Portland, tracks and a bus to Julie's house and then drove her car out to Tillamook on the coast. Traveling can be quite enjoyable without bike or kids. Unless your injury is a literal pain in the butt... When I got to Tillamook that night, Anne was still working but I was dying to see the ocean, so she told me of a beautiful secluded little hike to the beach and to meet her there! 

Getting close. I can smell the ocean! 

I still remember the soft sand, salty air, setting sun, and light breeze while I walked down the single track path toward the ocean. It was magical

And when I saw the beach, I took off my shoes and ran down to the water and along the empty beach, laughing and so happy to be here.

To have Anne come and join me was icing on the cake.
It was breathtaking to have this majestic place all to myself but it was even better to share its beauty with my dear friend. I knew then that this was going to be just the trip that I needed in order to make peace with what had happened so far this year and what will likely happen this fall. Naturally, this trip would have looked VERY different if I wasn't injured but I think we made the best of it!

the perfect base for a few Sanne adventures

We drove south to Netarts, a cute little community right at the mouth of Netarts Bay, where Anne is renting this beautiful beach house (with two roommates who were both our of town for a few days). It is indeed as idyllic as it looks. 

Netarts Bay 

I got to sleep up in the crow's nest and enjoy this view every time I looked out the window. I haven't spent nearly as much time by the ocean as I would like to so this was very special to me. It was cold and rainy most days during my visit but I didn't mind. I bundled up on my long beach walks and we made a fire every night. I Thank you for the wonderful and cozy accommodations, Anne! 

Anne had a few days off work and she was a great tourist guide! We enjoy the same things and had so much fun together exploring the area, telling lots of stories, cooking good food, and listening to music. It was the perfect mix of being active outdoors and taking time to just hang out. The Oregon weather and landscape reminds me of growing up in Germany and, having lived in the high desert for many years now, I realize that I miss it. But definitely not enough to give up sunny blue skies anytime soon! 

There was one sunny and warm day! I got super excited to be wearing less than 4 layers! Anne wanted to take me on a hike she really likes and off we went. Except that the hike ended up being in the woods where hardly any sun rays were able to penetrate the many leaves. So I still ended up cold and Anne felt pretty badly. She needed to go for a little run, so I found a tiny sunny spot and just stood there looking over the ocean until she came back. We laughed about that one for a while. "Hey, it's a warm and sunny day finally! Wanna go hike in the cold and shady forest?" 

I pretty much knew from the beginning that I was going to go into the ocean one way or another. Rain or shine, warm or cold. How could I not?!? So on my last day in Netarts, we busted out the bikinis and winter hats, crossed the street, walked down a flight of stairs, and played on the beach for a while just long enough to take some pictures. 

Then we donned our wetsuits, took a hard look at each other, and dove into the waves. The goal was the other side of the bay but neither of us thought we were actually going to make it. The water was damn cold. The deal was that we could turn around at any time. No pressure. But, you know how it goes... You think you are going to die for the first few minutes and then everything goes numb and you're ok. Not comfortable but ok. We made it to the other side and just as we hit the shore, we both noticed a seal to our left swimming with us for a minute! Such a HIGHLIGHT! We waddled out, noticed the current had pushed us quite a bit south, ran squealing back up along the beach, and dove back in. It was CRAZY FUN and we loved it. This is what I live for. We felt so ALIVE. It was pretty damn awesome. YAY for Sanne adventures!

Then we ran back up the stairs and straight into the hot shower with our wetsuits still on!

We spent our last day together biking around Portland where Anne went to PA school. She showed me her favorite parts of the city and I decided that I could live there. For a while. 

In case you can't tell, Anne is the BEST! She is such a great friend and I really treasure our friendship. We don't see each other often, so having had the chance to hang out with her THREE times already during these last few challenging months has been a total treat! Love ya, Anne! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

May - Adjusting Expectations

taking some time to reflect on my triathlon journey 

It took me a long time to recover from Oceanside 70.3, a race that I probably shouldn't have started let alone finished. And - for the first time every in my triathlon career - I have to admit that I am injured. This isn't just a niggle or an issue that I can take of, this is something that could possibly ruin the rest of my season and I still don't know exactly what the problem is. I am in the process of figuring that out, so stay tuned! 

Love Moab camping! Not a bad spot we got last minute.  

We had a family trip to Moab planned shortly after Oceanside and it came at a great time! I was forced to take a break from running and biking which makes camping with the family much more fun for all of us than when I need to bring my bike as well and am trying to squeeze in some training. To be honest, Karl and the boys have done most of the camping without me over the last couple of years. Not because I don't love it but because it's something they like to do when I am out of town anyway and because triathlon training and camping doesn't always match up very well. At least not the kind of rustic and simple tent camping that we prefer. I was really excited to just hang out and do whatever is on the family's agenda for the day! 

Can't remember which of the many arches this one was! Haha. 

My favorite part of this trip was our hike in Arches National Park. Karl and I both love the Devils Garden Loop Trail and wanted to show it to the boys. It's a 7.6 mile loop in Arches National Park which features 7 of the loops in the park and - in my opinion - one of the best hikes ever! The first mile or so is quite crowded with tourists but once you hit the primitive part of the loop, we didn't see another soul for miles! 

Arches might just be our favorite NP

The kids were troopers! (Which is certainly not the case on all of our family hikes...) They went at least half of the way barefoot and played some sort of 'us-versus-enemies' game that kept them entertained and moving at a good pace most of the way. It just never gets boring! You are hiking on sand or slick rock, up and down boulders, trying to find the cairns, looking for arches. This hike is good for the soul! 

red rock + clear water = heaven 

I wasn't really making any progress in the injury department, we were still living with my in-laws, and I wasn't able to exercise! Not a good combination. I decided that I needed to get out and see my good friend, Karen! So we met up in St. George for a couple of days for some fun in the sun. St. George never disappoints! I love that place. We both pulled into town from different directions and met at Sand Hollow. The perfect place to start off a St. George trip.

This trip, just like the one to Moab, was so good for my soul. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed. It was just what I needed! We also rode bikes just a little bit and pretty slowly because that's what we do and, while it didn't feel great, it also didn't make things worse. Originally, this was going to be a little training camp for the 70.3 here in town and, although these pics might suggest otherwise, I am really not training at all. I am laying very low and am spending a LOT of time at various doctor's but if I don't want to lose it mentally, then I need to at least PRETEND that I am still an athlete here and there. 

Nope. Not very casually deliberate. 

We practiced our casually deliberate bike pose in order to be able to comply with Velominati Rule #80 but we failed horribly. I love the rules even if I am breaking at least 7 of them every time I go out on my bike! That said, if riders in a group all followed the most important ones, I would actually have a lot more fun! 

Summit Athletic Club pool rocks! 

Two swims in one day outside in the sun make this girl happy! Thanks, Louis, for the new fun gear. Easy swimming is definitely a lot more fun with me when I have paddles, band, pull buoy, and snorkel with me! Thank you, Karen, for meeting up with me and being such a great friend! 

Not nearly as warm as two weeks ago! 

A few weeks later we were back for the St. George 70.3! I had held out hope that things would come around surprisingly quickly and I could stick with racing St. George 70.3 on Saturday and then Ironman Texas the next week. I had been excited for the double all season and was pretty bummed when I realized that there was simply no way. I think I could've pulled it off fitness-wise but I am determined to give this injury the respect, rest, and attention that it needs to heal. Both kids were busy that weekend, so Karl and I decided to go down to meet up with friends, cheer on everybody, and camp just the two of us. The camping didn't turn out to be such a great idea after all... 

Coeur Sports girls are the best! Go Jeana! 

We camped in Snow Canyon and had our spectating plan all laid out when we woke up to RAIN! Cold, nasty, relentless rain. I may have had a few moments of: TGINR! (Thank God I'm Not Racing!)  We headed over to the road just in time to see the first few guys climb up the canyon. It was the perfect place to cheer and spectate! And since the road was closed all day, we were the only ones up there! We stayed there for a couple of hours in the rain and actually felt quite useful. We were able to help a handful of racers struggling with the conditions and their equipment. And we certainly were inspired by many! Eventually we rode bikes down on the path, cheering along the way, to get over to the run course. It was a tough day out there but so many racers and friends were even tougher and raced their hearts out. It was great to see! 

Anne had a stellar day coming 2nd in the 30-34 AG. Congrats!  

Was it hard to watch and not race myself? Not really. And I am not just saying that because of the weather. Once it was clear that I would not be racing, I was ok with it. I love this sport and the people in it too much to stay away simply because things aren't going my way. I genuinely enjoy ringing my cowbell all day and watching other people race. But I do hope to be back next year! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Race Report: Ironman 70.3 OCEANSIDE 2016

For this race report, I am just going to give you the raw and unedited version that I wrote down for myself and my coach. I don't feel like writing another version of how this race panned out. This is more than I usually share on here and I am not completely comfortable with it but I hope it explains a few things regarding the rest of my season. And maybe provide some helpful insights for someone new(er) to this sport. 
(Apologies in advance: I have NO pictures of the actual race! Not sure how this happened but I can't seem to find any...)

I have the best homestay family here. This is the pool across the street. 


Swimming: Ok. Not fantastic but good and consistent.

Biking: Pretty good in the weeks before the race. Less outside riding than desired but trainer worked well. Good watts and HR two weeks out from the race. I did an FTP test on Tuesday before the race. Not sure if I like that timing. The numbers weren’t what I thought they were going to be and that threw me off a bit. Any test like this – for me - takes a significant amount of mental and emotional energy that I would like to save for race day. I am ok with hard efforts, but I don’t want it to be measured to that degree. Running hard off that test was the first time that I had to admit that my leg was in bad shape.

Running: Inconsistent run training. And I am a big fan of consistency. I wasn’t able to put in the base miles during the off-season because of my back injury. Maybe we didn’t easy into it enough? I felt like the long and hard runs took more out of me than they should have. I had some good runs in there but not consistently. The thing that I have the hardest time recovering from is hard running. Not long running but hard running. This might have to do with my left hip/glute/hamstring issue that I have been dealing with for years now. I have tried a LOT of different things but nothing has cured it so far and I am not sure I really know what the cause of it is. When that issue is minimal, my running improves dramatically.

General: I felt under-trained for this race. And I wasn’t at racing weight. Both of which, had I been healthy otherwise, would’ve been ok. I don’t feel like I need to be at racing weight right now necessarily and I don’t like to complain about things that are completely within my control. I was also ok feeling under-trained because I figured I would bounce back quickly from the race and get back to some solid training for St. George and Texas. I wasn’t thrilled to be racing but at the same time I wanted to get the season started and thought I could pull off a decent race. It wasn’t a I-am-so-excited-to-put-all-of-my-amazing-fitness-to-the-test kind of a race but more a Let’s-see-where-we-are-at-and-build-from-there kind of a race. I was happy to be there either way.

Yup. That'll do. So happy to be back! 


Swimming: Love that Roka wetsuit. Had some good little swims in the pool before the race. Was not worried about the swim. I figured I would be mid-pack somewhere in a group. The usual. 

Biking: The day after the FTP test went really well and the other little rides after that as well. I could feel my left leg on the bike but it wasn’t really an issue.

Running: Not good. Ran off the bike on Wednesday and called it quits early, same on Friday. NOT the dull pain I usually feel that keeps me from a nice long stride. This was much more sharp, coming from my hip and pulling all the way down my leg, affecting my knee, shin, foot. On Friday I started to think that I might not be able to run 13 miles.

Emotional/Mental State: I felt like I was in a decent place. Aside from the leg pain, I felt ready to race and put it all on the line - at least to the degree that my fitness and leg would allow me. I wasn’t going to completely smash myself and dig a huge hole just to get 13th instead of 14th. But I was willing to push hard and work on my mental game. Overall it was a good mix of being relaxed and excited.

Pre-race lunch and mental prep - check! 

Race Plan

Mark some girls to hang with, find a group
Go out HARDER even. You will be ok.

Go hard. Own it. Don’t hold back. Race the hog. You know how to do this.
Stay IN the race.

Fight for every inch.
Focus on form.
Don’t give up. Not one bit. Not at all.
Go to battle. Don’t settle.

Remember: Going faster does NOT mean more pain. It hurts either way. Embrace the pain! DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Promise to myself: At Oceanside, I promise to FIGHT FOR EVERY INCH until the finish line no matter where I find myself in the race.

finding beauty in the little things

Race Morning

This went according to plan: I was one of the first in transition, got set up, familiarized myself (yet again) with the layout, visualized transition, and chatted with the other pro girls. They are such a lovely bunch. Warmed up my arms with bands. Decided it was warm enough to forego vest or arm warmers. This turned out to be a good decision. Sun came out earlier than usual and I was never cold on the bike.

This did not go according to plan: The warm up. My leg was in a lot of pain just jogging around the harbor. Drills were mostly fine but strides were painful. I did them anyway because how can I run 13.1 miles if I can’t even do a few strides? Definitely had thoughts of quitting the race after the bike in order to not make things drastically worse. 

80 is my lucky number! Or so I hoped...

The swim (31:11)

We were all so cold in the morning. So I stood there shivering until 7 minutes to the start and then got in. We could’ve gotten in as early as 15 minutes before our start but I – along with some others – decided we didn’t need that much warm up time in such cold water. I think that was a good decision. Some of the other girls warmed up and then came back out because they were so cold. I had plenty of time to ease into it a bit and then do a bunch of sprints.

I have a hard time deciding beforehand where I am going to line up. It sort of depends on who lines up where and what I feel would be best given the situation. I like to be in the second row. (Unless there are so few of us that we might as well start side by side.) I also like to have a little bit of room to scull and breathe.

I went out HARD and kept swimming HARD but never really found any feet, which was so weird! I would like to see a video of that. Who knows what the hell I was doing. Although a rather big group pulled ahead that I thought I maybe should be in, I just kept pushing. There was enough oxygen in the air that I there really wasn’t a reason to slow down and settle in already. I knew I wasn’t dead last, so the thought occurred to me that maybe I was just pulling another group. Great - just what I was hoping for. Not! After a while a girl kept hitting my feet and I was like: If you think this is too slow for you then why don’t you just go around me and take a pull!?! So she did. Ha! And I settled in right behind her. I saw one other girl on my left and when I looked back once, I realized that it was just the three of us with a bigger group a ways back. Ok. So I wasn’t in the group UP there but I was also not in the group BACK there. Good.

I was just starting to really enjoy this swim when I noticed a paddler to my right shouting at us. Actually, she was just talking to us. Not really shouting. And I could see the yellow buoy up ahead, so – clearly – we were right on course. Oh well. Maybe she is talking to someone else… A few minutes later I see her again talking to us and finally I decide to stop and listen and she goes, pointing to her right: You missed the red turn buoy! It’s over there! What the crap!?! Sure enough. We were almost at the yellow sighting buoy that was BETWEEN the red turn buoys, totally (and unintentionally) cutting the course. I immediately corrected and swam back to the red one. I could see that the big (slower) group was almost there and hurried up so I could latch on to them. Which is what I was able to do. The very end of the group that we were ahead of originally but I was happy that I wasn’t completely on my own and DFL. I knew it would obviously be a slower time than I had wanted or was capable of but I figured at least I would have girls to ride with! At this point my main concern was how I was going to run fast all the way around and through the super long transition. It’s definitely NOT a good sign when you don’t think you can run TO your bike. Ha!  

I spend a lot of time with my feet UP pre- and post-race. 

The Bike (2:39:15)

Holy shit. I JUST saw that I biked a 2:31:59 here last year! Ok. Yikes. That’s a HUGE difference on the same course in similar conditions. Unfortunately, I don’t think I had a power meter then. I tried to find the Garmin file on TP but there is none. I really wish I had some watts numbers to compare. But I don’t… Moving right along…

Got passed running TO my bike and when I finally got there and was about to put my helmet on, one half of the buckle flew right off and was nowhere to be seen. Not too surprising given that at this point our part of transition was a MESS. Buckle lost. Now I had NO WAY of closing my helmet. (I have worn this helmet multiple times and this has never been a problem.) I problem-solved by tying the two straps together once and off I went. In hindsight, that wasn’t terribly smart. But all I knew was that I couldn’t get on the bike with my helmet unfastened and that I NEEDED to get on my bike ASAP. Still made it onto the bike with the other girls. Phew.

The only problem was that I had to either tighten or completely re-tie those damn straps every 4 minutes. At least. No kidding. I was paranoid that one of the officials would see them untied and DQ me. And they were all over the place. Which is actually great. In my corner of the field, it was a very fair women’s race. But it was very hard to focus and even harder to stay aero while fiddling with crap all of the time. Here is what I now think I should’ve done: Pull over and try to make an actual knot even if the straps may have been too short for that. Or stop and take some of the electrical tape off my Pitstop and tape the helmet closed. Or in the very least chew some of my gum that I had with me and then tie it around the straps. Anything that would be a one-and-done deal. Not sure why that didn’t cross my mind during the race but you know me – I HATE stopping.

I felt ok. Legs were actually a bit heavy but I know better than to judge a race by the way my legs feel. I KNOW that I can feel crappy and still race well. So that’s no excuse. There was discomfort in my left leg but I wouldn’t say it was painful. But it was enough to really have me worried about the run. For the first half of the ride I was like: I am not running. Definitely not running. There is no way. I am going to try but I am pretty sure I will have to turn in my timing chip. If it hurts as bad as the warm-up this morning, it would be STUPID to run 13 miles. On the second half I changed my mind and kept telling myself: Well, I am going to FINISH either way. Wether I am running or shuffling or walking. It’s totally cool if I have to walk. It’s nice outside and I have all day and I am not going to have another DNF to my name. I will wear my bib number so that everyone can see PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE under JARVIS and I will cheer my heart out and make more friends. Sounds pretty nice actually. So when that was settled, I could let it go.

I don’t think I biked any harder knowing that I might not be able to run than thinking I was going to go all out for 13 miles. I don’t think I could have even if I had wanted to. I sort of biked as hard as I could that day. I wanted to stay with Skye M. when she came by right at the beginning but was too occupied with that dumb helmet. I still think I should’ve been able to stay with her. When Makenzie M. came by around mile 30, I tried to stay with her but couldn’t. Maybe I should’ve tried harder but I didn’t. I don’t think I actually passed anyone on the bike. That’s a disappointment. With how slowly I swam and from past experience, I should’ve passed some girls. Bummer.

I was starting to lose focus during the last 10 miles and to slow down so it was a good thing when Christine F. came by again and so I (legally) latched onto her wheel and tried to keep up. I don’t think it was my legs that had gotten tired but rather my mind. The ongoing helmet fiasco took a lot of my mental energy away and I just didn’t have much focus left after 2.5 hours.

Parked my bike here post-race and headed to an empty beach. Thank you, McClurgs! 

The Run Shuffle (1:37:44)

So I started running not expecting much. Oh wait. First I found something IN my running shoes. Slipped in, started to run, felt a little rock, stopped, emptied shoe, and out fell the helmet buckle. Go figure. I threw it into my helmet (and by now the husband has fixed the damn thing and this won’t happen again) and off I went. Rather carefully. But it felt decent enough to keep going and after about 3 miles I felt confident that I could pull off 13 miles without (hopefully) making this injury a lot worse. Which seems silly now because I didn’t even KNOW what the injury was/is so how was I so certain about that? I really should’ve just quit after the bike but, oh well, we are known to be stubborn and the pain wasn’t as sharp as the days prior, so I kept on shuffling.

When I got passed the first time, I tried to go with her so I took a couple of hard steps and immediately the leg got really bad and I thought it might give out. So that was that. I just kept more or less the same pace but I am pretty sure it got slower over time because a) the leg got worse and b) I was sick and tired of being in pain so I didn’t feel like adding to the pain of pushing hard to the pain of the leg.

There really isn’t much else to say. I do feel like I was fighting and not giving up but it was more a fight against a leg that wouldn’t cooperate than my competitors; and a fight against my own pride. My pride was suffering because I knew I was slower than I had hoped for and also than others expected me to be. I was pretty sure that there would be a dozen age groupers faster than me in the end and I didn’t like that. 

Was I still having fun? Yes. I do remember times when I was smiling and thinking: I am still having fun out here! I was battling some mental demons that I am proud to say I was able to beat. I didn’t give up or get too down on myself for having a bad race. I finished and hung out with others just the way I do when I have a great race. 

I love this sport, slow or fast race. But I do not like competing when I can’t get the best out of myself because of injury. That, to me, is not fun and thus not worth it.

 It wasn't a good day. But how can it be a bad day when it ends like this and hanging out with my Coeur family? 


This recovery was SLOW. And it keeps on going. Honestly, it felt more like recovering from a full IM than a 70.3. Usually, I am pretty good two days after the race and can resume some decent training 4 days after. This time, everything seemed to hurt much worse than normal. I am still surprised just how much it took out of me physically (and a bit mentally as well). Before this race I had no doubt that I could pull off a 70.3 – 140.6 double but now I am not so sure anymore. However, I am still going to try that some day. Super bummed it won’t be next month though but at the same time a bit relieved because I am in no way ready for this right now.  

Time to figure out what is wrong with me and do whatever it takes to fix it! 

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

April - The Running Highs and Lows

Lacing up the running shoes. Not always with a big smile on my face. But mostly. 

Triathlon. Three sports. My favorite? Biking. The one I struggle with the most? Running

I love running. It's so simple and efficient, so natural and freeing. Ideally I'd run every day. Twice. On beautiful single track trails up in the mountains. Or on a nice dirt road with friends. And I certainly enjoy a good hard session on the treadmill that leaves me in a puddle. We've all had them: Days where going fast feels effortless and we don't want to stop. Days where we just put one foot in front of the other until we are back home. 

A warm March day in Provo Canyon. 

There have been some really fun and fast days on two feet for me this year. Days where I think that maybe - finally - I can actually nail that marathon at the end of an Ironman. Days where I get a glimpse that - if my hamstrings/glutes/hips hold up and I will finally be able to open up that stride - running off the bike might become my strength again. 

 all decked out in Coeur gear = a natural heart and courage boost

I've also had some really shitty days of running this year. Where my body is yelling at me to stop doing this thing that is hard and that hurts it and I am frustrated with myself for not performing the way I would like to. I remember my old coach asking me: Why is running so mental for you? And me answering: I have no clue but it sure is!  

Why is it that I can easily shrug off a bad swim or ride but a bad run stays with me for days? Not making the intervals in the pool? Oh well. Just add 5 seconds. Tomorrow will be better. A few watts short? No big deal. You're still going pretty well and having fun. Off pace on a run? The world as I know it is coming to an end. So is my triathlon career. I am old and slow and fat and out of shape. I suck at running. 

Fake it till you make it. Gloomy weather = gloomy mood. 

I don't really have an answer as to the above question. But I think it's time I find one. I will let you know when I do. But what I do know is that company is key. Running with a group or a friend is much easier on me because I don't have time to think and it seems easier to have others push me than to push myself. Like I mentioned at the beginning, enjoying easy trail runs is one thing; finding joy repeatedly in long tempo runs on the road is a very different thing. But a thing I am determined to figure out. 

the husband = best support biker 

On rare occasion the husband joins me for a run. We had some grand plans to train a bunch together this winter but they fell by the wayside when he broke his foot on Thanksgiving. Sometimes I get lucky though and he needs a break from writing his dissertation and bikes next to me. It's the best! I have been missing my training buddies from Flagstaff a lot. I thought it would be easier to find friends to swim, bike, run with here but that hasn't been the case. There are plenty of great athletes in Utah Valley but we are all so spread out with so little spare time that it's been difficult to get together. Excuses... excuses... Gotta make it happen! 

Provo Rec Center: everything in one. Love that place! 

In order for me to run relatively pain-free, I need to take very good care of my upper hamstring, glutes, and hips. I spend a lot of time at the gym doing strength and mobility work and time at home foam rolling and stretching. I feel super blessed to have an amazing recreation center in Provo with a lap pool, a gym, an indoor track, a hot tub, and tons of fun stuff for the kids. Most days you can find me there at least once, sometimes twice. No matter where we move to, I will miss that place! 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Bike Day & Coeur Love

So excited about my new Fuji Norcom Straight!!! 
Bike love to the max! 

HUGE THANKS to T3 Triathlon for this beauty aka The Boyfriend! 

Funny and true story: The other day Max (8) had a friend over who apparently always comes over when I happen to not be home. So he asks Max: "Why is your mom always gone? Does she have a boyfriend?" Haha. The Husband overheard the conversation and had to laugh pretty hard. He then said: "Yep. She has a boyfriend. He is black and handsome and has two wheels." And since Karl is the one taking care of any issues The Boyfriend has, they know each other pretty well... As a matter of fact, Karl is the one that put the bike together in the first place! Thanks to him and Shaun at T3 Triathlon for taking time to do that for me! 

New bike day = the best day! 

And because I wasn't already spoiled enough with a new bike: 
My new Coeur Team Kit has arrived! 
I have so much love and adoration for this company and all that it stands for. 
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

March - Rising Tide Fun in Denver

Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching (RTTC) hosted its first (swim/run) camp in Denver. I got to be a pat of it and it was oh so much fun! After the February camp in Arizona and some great training in the following weeks, I wasn't feeling my best and headed to Denver definitely feeling a bit tired. I think that was Sonja's plan all along. This way I had a better chance of being able to just chill and go with the flow. It worked! 


Pat and I came a few days before everyone else and got to ride our bikes together in beautiful Colorado, a state I definitely haven't spent enough time in! Yes, it was at least as cold as it looks. We never took off any layers. We just added them as we climbed higher and higher and it got colder and colder. But Coach Sonja was right there following us in her car, so there was no crying or quitting... Which I am so glad I didn't because it ended up being a super fun and gorgeous day! 

And then the other campers arrived! I knew exactly none of them which means a lot of awesome and nice new friends! It was a fantastic group of girls. And Pat. 

A highlight was swimming in the beautiful Denver University pool. With none other than super swim star Missy Franklin training next to us! What a treat! Love my new Rising Tide bikini. So cute! 

The girls. And Missy Franklin. And Pat. 

We had a wonderfully warmish and sunny day and then the snow started to fall. And kept falling and falling. We knew it was coming so we enjoyed the blue sky and clear roads while we could. 

Nothing like running under the watchful eye of your coach. It's something that I have been missing as I love and thrive training in a squad-like environment. It's much easier to push myself and I like not knowing the exact workout beforehand. 

All of the Rising Tide coaches are top notch and I especially enjoyed getting to know Mikki who is in charge of writing the schedules and a genius at it! 

RTTC coaches Audra, Sonja, Mikki, and Andrea 

Lunch after a long swim was always a highlight and super yummy. It was followed by a presentation from one of the coaches and we learned a ton! Thank you! 

When the roads were icy and the snow falling, we stayed inside and enjoyed Plan B which was a gym workout from our strength coach Audra. Let's just say she knows how to kick your ass and I love her for it! 

There was also plenty of time for some much-needed and important recovery. Love me some Normatec boots and a hot tub full of girls and sea horses! 

At night the whole group would go out to dinner together, enjoy each other's company, and get to know our RTTC teammates and coaches better. Overall it was a very well-balanced few days and I had a really good time. Thank you, Rising Tide

Photo credit: To anyone and everyone in this group! We shared all of our photos and now I can't remember who took which. But I love them! Thank you!