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Tag Team

My hot husband is 2nd from left
Karl and I play tag team a lot. Every day. I am going to tell you about our Tuesdays since I borrowed some cool pictures of Karl on the track from our local newspaper.
5:30am I am out the door to swim with Masters at NAU.
As soon as I get home, Karl is off to campus.
3:30pm Karl comes home early, so I can ride my bike outside. In the horrendous afternoon winds...
I head straight to the track where Karl is running with Run Flagstaff. One of these days our kids will happily play on the track while Karl and I both run laps with approximately 50 other running enthusiasts. But right now it is windy and cold and the boys are quite needy... So we put my bike on the car and head home. After the track session Karl gets to enjoy his freedom a little longer and run back on trails. He deserves it. He's been great about giving me time to get in my training. He knows that I am no fun to be around if I don't.
He is wearing his new favorite shoes - The Instinct

RAGE Race Report

Alright. Here it is. First triathlon race report of the season. Wow. Did you know that I love racing triathlons? Truth is: I used to not like it very much. Now I do! Racing breaks up the monotony of training and I am enjoying tapering and recovering more these days. I must be getting old...
I was still not feeling well on Friday but (like I said in the last post) I was really looking forward to getting away for 24 hours - racing or no racing. The 3.5 hour drive went by super quick thanks to my friend Karen who happens to be awesome. We had lots to chat about and I got a much-needed dose of adult conversation.
Packet pick-up was rather uneventful. Except for a big 31 on my left calf. I am getting old... No long-lost friends to catch up with and not many Utah peeps. Instead, I found plenty of questions to ask the race director and visited the PowerTribooth. Coach and I talked about switching to the Olympic distance race but I decided no to. It is pretty crazy what a big drop in elevatio…

Racing Season is On

Bike is clean. Bags are packed. Training (so far) is in the bank. Tomorrow I am off for thefirst race of the season! (Running races don't really count...)
On Saturday I will be participating in the RAGE Half. Notice, I am not using the word 'racing' on purpose. Sadly, It has yet to be determined whether I will be racing or using it as a training day. Noah and Max have both been sick with colds and fever the last few days and, no matter how hard I've been trying, I'm not immune.
It is nothing major, but a sore throat, headache, and runny nose is less than ideal . How can I push your body to its limit for 5 hours if it is not feeling 100%? I tried that in my last race and it did not go so well, remember?
Either way I am going and I am really excited to spend some time with my friend Karen, take a break from super-clingy kids, and enjoy the warm sun at Lake Mead. However, since I have not given up hope and am still trying my very best to feel tops on Saturday, I am goi…

Wheat Waffles and Protein Cookies

One of the main reasons I work out is so I can eat. Lots. I love me some good, healthy food!
Sunday morning we usually either have whole wheat crepes (made my Karl) or whole wheat waffles (made by me). I wanted to share the waffle recipe with you!
Whole Wheat Waffles
1 3/4 c whole wheat flour 1 T baking powder 1/2 t salt 1/4 c honey 2 T canola oil 2 eggs 2 c milk (cow or soy) (flaxseed)
Noah and Max like their waffles with honey and cinnamon, frozen berries on the side. Karl and I usually top ours with yogurt and banana and/or berries. The boys love to snack on waffles during church as well.

During our St. George Training Camp Leslie found this great recipe for oatmeal protein cookies. It was perfect for what we wanted. Easy, fast, healthy and still satisfied our cravings. It is definitely not your regular cookie: no flour, no sugar, no oil. I think it is a great pre-exercise and recovery snack.
Oatmeal Protein Cookies
1/4 c apple sauce 1 c quick oats 1/2 c egg white 1 scoop protein powder
I like t…