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Louis and the Shark Attack Super Sprint

I am in love with Utah in the summer and fall.
I promised myself I would lay low for a couple of weeks after Vineman but then Louis - my German brother from another mother and Flagstaff riding buddy - announced that he was coming into town the day I was getting back from California. He was bringing his bike and planning on riding in the mountains with me. And as you know, I am a sucker for that kind of thing. So I told him I was game as long as he was going to be easy on me! And I gave him my Vineman prize - a gigantic wine bottle - as a bribe. It worked. Mostly. 
not a bad view
We rode all the mountains and hills we could find in those few days and were loving it! Thank you for riding bikes with me and being such a great friend, Louis! 
these views never get old 
The Alpine loop is one of my all-time favorite rides. And I have ridden my bike in quite a few awesome places including Germany, Italy, and France. You should plan a trip to Utah Valley, bring your bike, and ride the loop! 

Race Report: 2015 VINEMAN 140.6

(Huge thanks to the very talented and kind Jeff Kapic and Larry Rosa of for the wonderful race day pictures!) 
T1 by the Russian River in Guerneville
I spent three really good weeks at home with the family after Ironman Coeur d'Alene(this race report makes a lot more sense if you know what went down there)  and picking up my kids from the airport in Las Vegas. Sweet Reunion! Then I packed up my bags again and headed over to Northern California for Vineman. Two 140.6 races in four weeks. Why? A few reasons: I did Vineman last year, love everything about it, and really wanted to come back! CDA was sort of like a free trip because the kids were in Germany and didn't miss me. I wanted a race where I could bike according to feel and see where that gets me. I recovered well from IM CDA. It's within driving distance. I need more experience at this distance. I love racing and experimenting with new ideas! 

It's a long drive up to Wine Country from Utah so I am very grateful to…