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Race Report: 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013

PS: Now that I am out of commission for a couple of days (and hopefully no longer...) due to a bad head and chest cold, it looks like I have no more excuses not to write my race report. I mean, it's been like 10 days! And I am not apologizing for its length (or content) this time. Happy reading!
PPS: Ok. Update: I have had this cold for two weeks now and it must've been killing my brain cells as well or at least my desire to write anything semi-coherent. But better late than never! 
my favorite bike course!
The Outcome (For those who only care about numbers...) 

It looks like I had the 19th fastest* swim, the 5th fastest bike, and the 7th fastest run in my age group. Which got me to the finish line in 4th place and as the 6th female amateur! So, on paper that looks like a fantastic result! And it is. I am stoked to have made it on the podium(which is Top 5 here) in this race for the 3rd year in a row. But I am not so pleased about what happened on the last 2 miles of the run...