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Racing in Europe: Ironman 70.3 KRAICHGAU 2014

As you can tell: Spectators galore! They were ALL OVER the course. Love it. 

Racing in Europe is just plain awesome! And the husband has GOT to figure out a way to get a post-doc over there next year. I am dying to live back home (or in any of the surrounding countries, preferably a warm one) for a few years and being able to race my little heart out all over the place and mostly within a few hours of my house! 
Kraichgau is a good one! This year it was already organized by Ironman but still run under the Challenge banner. Don't ask. It's complicated. Kraichgau is an area very close to my childhood home and often when I go on long rides I come through its villages and beautiful countryside. So to race there is a no-brainer! My dad came with me because he loves this sport and he loves me. Racing is so much easier when you have a (what Witsup calls) supportive dude. My dad makes a great supportive dude! Last year my whole family came to watch and cheer but, seeing how they will …