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Pre-Race Fun in St. George

Almost to Page...

Remember last year's miserable experience? I was determined not to have a repeat! Everything I thought might have been a factor in getting terribly sick last year, I changed this year. That said, the most significant difference was not feeling under the weather before I even left Flagstaff. I got lucky. With one kid in kindergarten and one in preschool there are always more than enough germs being spread around but somehow I was able to get away unscathed this time. 
I left Flagstaff at 9:30 on Friday morning after dropping off the kids and loading up the car. I was so excited!!! Sometimes I feel (a teeny tiny bit) bad about getting so excited to leave home and family for a weekend. However, overall I think it is a valuable experience for all of us. I get a well-deserved break, the boys get a lot of quality time with Papa, and KJ learns to handle the kids and household by himself. Ok. I know. Truth is: I don't deserve as many breaks as I take, the kids spend …

Who cares?

All I could think of last night during my first (indoor) track session of the year and then swim #2 of the day was:

You can do this. Just hang in there and get'er done. All that's on the plan for tomorrow is a recovery spin and a swim in the evening. You can do it!

And I did. I was able to maneuver my way around all the college kids flirting in surf trunks and bikinis. Not sure why they would choose a freezing pool for their social hot-spot on a Tuesday night but I was thankful for just about anybody that would keep me honest during my mid-night (9 p.m.) swim!

Upon getting home to sleeping kids and a husband flinging sweat from the trainer, I was simultaneously stuffing my face with food and reporting to Coach M on TrainingPeaks. Wanting to double-check on the length for my recovery spin, I clicked on Wednesday and -

The recovery ride had vanished and in its place I found a 9 mile tempo run! 
The end.
Not really. But I started this post 3 days ago and have not b…

Party in the Skydome

Assistant Coach Shayla Houlihan

Team Run Flagstaff is back!  After a little winter break  we now get to run in NAU's fantastic Skydome. I am so excited!

What could be better than cruising around a 300m indoor track with more than a hundred of your closest friends?  Although I can't think of anything,  I had to sit on the sidelines and watch.  Coach M did not think it would be very smart  to hop back on the track for speedy intervals  a few days before my first race of the season.  I wonder why... 
Picture from Flagstaff Footnotes
Don't worry:  I still had plenty of fun socializing people-watching cuddling with Max stalking Olympic Trials Marathoners
KJ was back in his element  after being injured the last few weeks.  Noah was having a blast playing with friends.  Tuesday nights at the track are a family affair in this household. 
If you live anywhere close to Flagstaff,  I highly recommend joining us on Tuesdays at 6pm.  There is a place for everyone and we'd love to have …

New 2012 Sponsor

I am proud and very happy to announce that  I will be racing for 

this coming season! 
I still can't really believe that I made it onto their Team!  It's going to be so much fun. 
I am stoked to be representing such a great store.  I have only frequented them online but I can't wait to go down to Tucson and see the actual store.  From what I've heard and seen so far it is going to be fantastic!
One of the things I can't wait for is the  TriFest! is inviting all of their athletes  down to Tucson for a training weekend in March.  You know that there is nothing I love more than hanging out with a bunch of fun athletes
while smashing myself.  (If Coach M lets me. TriFest is the weekend before Oceanside.)
I am excited to race a little more in Arizona and get to know as many of its amazing athletes as possible.  I am certainly a very small fish in a very big pond here! As much as I love to train and race in Utah  where I have so many dear friends and great …

I Want You to Love the Run Today!

(You probably don't care too much but I have to say it anyway. I wrote a post very similar to this one last night already and then, when it was all ready to be published, I lost it. It was gone. Just like that. I was extremely pissed. To say the least. I went to bed even earlier than usual and, before my head hit the pillow, I declared out loud: I am not going to let this defeat me!!! So here I am again:) 

I love it when Coach M tells me how I am supposed to feel during a certain workout. It is usually the run since running is mentally the toughest for me. Her orders for Saturday's brick run were as follows:

Focus on feeling strong.  I want you to love the run today! You are strong and you can run.  Hit the pace! 
Ok. Will do. No problem. I am going to hit the pace or at least die trying. But wait!?!  What if I don't feel strong? What if I feel weak? How can I force myself to feel a certain way? What if I happen to dislike the run? Or not even feel like running at all? I decid…

Why Didn't We Think of This?

I found this picture here and I love it. Balance bike with aero bars - how cool is that? Of course, this picture was taken in Europe. But I am excited that balance bikes are getting more popular in the States as well. They are the best.

Noah actually 'raced' his first triathlon at age 3 on a pedal bike. I love to go back and read his 'race report' and look at the pictures. He is a stud! Go here if you want to see how much fun he had!

Max really wants to do a triathlon as well this year but, as evidenced by Karl again today, has no interest in switching from his balance bike to a regular bike. Maybe his little Swiss friend will let him borrow his awesome ride!

As for me, I am getting back into the swing of things here at home. It's good to be back to 'the grind'. Except that I don't think of my daily routine as 'the grind'. I love everyday life! And if I did not, then I would need to change something because holidays make up only a tiny part of ou…

New Year's Eve Ride to Zion

non-stop triathlon talk warm(er) temperatures awesome group of riders a goofball for a Coach

The drive down with HT was great.  Nothing like picking his brain and getting the scoop  on Utah triathlon gossip.  The drive seemed to fly by  which probably had something to do with Heath  driving about 90 mph most of the time.  We even got in a nice little ride, run, and swim (clinic) before heading over to Colleen's house for dinner and more tri talk. 

We had a great turnout on Saturday morning for the Zion Ride. Probably about 30 people. Let's just say that it was not as organized as the PnT rides that I am used to and I am blaming it on the triathletes. It was super fun (nonetheless). And a little bit tiring. I had not ridden 80 miles in quite a while. 

** Pacelines. They did eventually form. I am a fan! 
** Breath-taking scenery. It never gets old. 
** Screaming down Zion Canyon at 30 mph average over 10 miles. There were 10 of us at this point          
     and it was an absolute …