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St. George 70.3 - Taper Time

This morning, after I had taken a look at my to-do list for the day, the following occurred to me: 
Training is theeasiestthing I do!
Then I told the husband my revelation. And, smart as he is, he says: I am just going to sit here and smile. What's that supposed to mean?!? 
Some people may disagree with me, but let's face it: Training is my escape from real life and its responsibilities. Well, sort of. Ok, not really. But if I have to choose between calling the dentist for an appointment (on my to-do list for months now) or riding my bike for 4 hours, which one do you think is going to be easier for me to accomplish? It seems like I prefer a tempo run over signing up my kid for soccer camp. Writing a resume for a (little) job I want to apply for? Are you kidding me? Please tell me I have double brick on my schedule so I have an excuse. 
And this is why I don't get a whole lot of anything done. I just stick to the basics (you know: kids, make breakfast, lunches, dinner, do …

St. George 70.3 - Race Week is Here!

One of my favorite places. My favorite distance these days.  Lots of my favorite people! 
5 more days until I get to toe the line at the St. George 70.3! I have been super excited for this race ever since the day they announced it last April. I would have really liked to do the full Ironman there as well but the timing just wasn't right and so I was stoked to hear that they changed the distance and turned this into the U.S. Pro Championships. I am almost a little sad I don't get to watch all of the world-class athletes duke it out at the front of the field because, believe me, it's going to be exciting and, if you are in the area at all, you should definitely come spectate! In case you are wondering, I will no doubt be rooting for my Germans, especially world champion Sebastian Kienle who grew up in the next town over. But I also have a crush on Crowie. I mean: Who doesn't? 
St. George is known to be hot, windy, dry, and... somewhat unpredictable. Just the way I like …

HT Training Camp

outdoor swims are my favorite!
Training camps are pretty much the best!!!  I love, love, love them!  I wouldn't mind having one every month! 
At this year's HT camp, we had lots of everything , including (but not limited to):

* Some great swimming with plenty of helpful (and fun) drills from Coachie! I do love his drills but I tend to get super cold while not moving much, so I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to drills. My favorite was definitely the one pictured above. Sit on your kick board and skull to the other side. Turns out that if this is how we moved through the water in a triathlon, I might actually make the front pack! 

* Warming up in the hot tub. I may or may not have stayed in there for an extra 10 minutes after everyone had already left. I can always eat my breakfast on the bike... 

* Obviously there was quite a bit of biking. My favorite! Here we are trying to hang on to Coachie while cruising on Red Hills Parkway.
* Some sun, some rain, lots of wind…


me, Colleen, Amber
Finally! The first (real) race of the season! I couldn't be more excited to get this party started! And a party it was. My favorite kind of party... (Although the friends I was with might argue that I was doing anything but partying. But to each their own...)
I had been on a blogging roll for a while but then Coach M decided it's time to get serious. So she upped my running volume and intensity. Which inevitably has two consequences: 
1. I fall apart physically  2. I fall apart mentally
Not a good combination. This means that I (sometimes quite literally) crawl into bed at night and am done with the world. No time for any extracurricular activities such as blogging. So don't expect to hear from me too often in the next few weeks either. On top of that I wasn't too thrilled to be tapering for this race, so M basically said something to the effect of: I am going to make sure you will be really ready to taper for St. George... Oh boy! 
But rest assured …