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Making new friends - the best part of racing! 
This is a super fun race I love to come to! Since I am really no good at mountain biking (I used to be decent and want to get back into it!) but love trail running, this is the perfect fit! We get to run TWICE on the fun trails in McDowell Mountain Regional Park and bike on some nice roads around the park. And, of course, it's always a treat to escape winter in Flagstaff and enjoy some warm sun down here! 
This is going to be a bit of a different race report. Coach Liz(my first race under her) had me answer some questions after the race and I am going to post those and my answers here.
This race actually attracts quite a good field of speedy women! 

Did you reach your goals for this race?

Yes, I did. My main goal was to go hard and leave nothing out on the course. The second run could’ve possibly been harder but given the circumstances, I would say I did the best I could. I only had a few guys in front of me during the first mile and onc…