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Operation Baby Baby

As far as the title goes:  No. This is NOT what my Mormon friends might be thinking. I am NOT pregnant.* This is a good thing but, dang, those newborns are just so precious! 
We've had a few Operation XX lately. It all started with my 6-year-old coming home from school a few weeks ago telling me about Operation Smoochie Smoochie. Yep, it's what you think it is. He is trying to kiss a girl! Or they are trying to kiss each other.  Or a bunch of boys are trying to kiss her. Who knows?!? I am trying not to bug him about it every five minutes although I am dying to find out all of the details! I happen to think that Cooper is the coolest girl ever but he assures me that there are very strict rules against kissing at his school. What a bummer! Karl and I just shake our heads because - where does this kid even come from? We can each count the lovers we've kissed in our ENTIRE LIVES one ONE hand. And Noah couldn't care any less about girls. But someone in this family needs to liv…

A little adventure in a GRAND CANYON

Sunset at the Canyon

With Ironman behind us and Thanksgiving break upon us, it was time to do some more exploring of the Grand Canyon!!! The GC is basically in our backyard, only a short 75-minute drive away from our home in Flagstaff. My last GC adventure consisted of a 180-mile bike loop from my house to the South Rim, along the rim, and back home. That day was super fun but now it was time to spend a few quality days as a family and to get down into the canyon. 
(Rim-to-river-and-back report is further down if you want to skip the family part...)
Love this place!

I mean: Who doesn't want to run to the bottom of all of this awesomeness?  Especially when there's water down there?  (A lake? A river? A waterfall? A puddle? Count me in!) 
But first my shopping buddy, Max, and I had some grocery shopping to do while Noah opted to stay home alone and read. So we bought lots of healthy Thanksgiving food and a big can of whipped cream just for fun. Partly because Max insisted, partly b…

Race Report: IRONMAN ARIZONA 2014

This novel of a race report needs a little foreword, so here we go: 
I just poured my heart and soul into this blog post. Something I don't do often. Or ever. Because it makes me vulnerable. But I realize that it's necessary. Not because YOU need to know what went down on Sunday but because I need to understand. I don't have all of the answers but I have done a lot of introspection and soul-searching to figure out what happened. And that is a little miracle in itself because, as Karl can attest, I am not a fan of introspection. And, yes, I realize that this is JUST a race. And yet it's so much more! Which is why this post turned out so ridiculously long. Sorry! So, if you decide to read this, please be kind and understanding even if none of this makes any sense to you. Thank you! 
Photo by Kerry Yndestad

Wow! WHAT a weekend! WHERE to start? 
In all of my 17 years of racing triathlon, I have never had a race fall to pieces. 
Sure, I've had many races not go acc…