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Missing Masters Already

Orem Masters is taking a break in August. What? How can they do this to me? So last Thursday was officially my last swim practice with them. It was a good one: 13*200m (main set)
I have been missing them ever since. I swam 3 times this week but it was not the same. I miss Coach Dan, the scoreboard, and my swim buddies.
Sahara, Carlee, Erin, me
These wonderful and fun ladies made swimming so much more enjoyable. Even if we could only ever talk while kicking.
Sahara and my favorite lanemate, Heather.
I found out that Flagstaff has a Masters group as well. So I am hoping for the best!
I will be back for Christmas and next summer. I already told Coach that I am coming to visit then. Can't wait. Until then... Good bye.

Utah Lake to the Top Of Timp

It was fun. It was epic. It was a blast. It felt so good. It hurt in a good way. It was absolutely stunningly gorgeous.
We managed to take lot of pictures. Mainly Jen. Thank you!
6:00 am American Fork Boat Harbor Mountain Silhouette Excited for the journey to the top

6:20 am About to jump into the nice warm calm lake

7:00 am Ready to rock

Heading up into the canyon

Climbing the Alpine Loop with Jameson

Timpooneke Campground Awesome group of girls Jen, Keena, Melissa

8:45 am A little reunion before the real fun is about to start

8:50 Hitting the trail

Enjoying the majestic beauty

Escape from Scofield

I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this post. Maybe because I have already written a bunch of race reports and am getting tired of it. Probably because I am should spend this time packing up the house since we are moving today in 2 weeks! Definitely not because I did not like the race. I loved the Scofield Escape! So here we go:
Wait! First I need to go shave my legs and arm pits. I realized that there is no way I can go to the pool tomorrow morning like this! Excuse me.
Ok. I am back. Since it is now 10:30 pm, I will give you the short version.
Camping at the race site is awesome! The whole campground was reserved for athletes and their families. Loved the atmosphere. It was a real treat to have friends and fellow athletes so close. Like one big family. The actual camping was less glorious. Max finally went to sleep at 10:30, Noah had a nightmare and woke up screaming at 11:30, and I was still awake after midnight.
The PowerTri ladies!
Rolled my bike down into tran…