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ST. GEORGE MARATHON 2013: A Chance to Surprise Myself

Coachie and (some of) his girls
I need to be brave enough  to give myself a chance to surprise myself. - Liz Waterstraat* 
enjoying myself!
What I did not do in preparation for this marathon: 
Train properly.
Here is my list of EXCUSES:  * I just finished my most important race of the year and I needed a break.  * I was sick for 3 weeks before the race.  * It's really not smart to ramp up your mileage too fast... 
Here is the TRUTH:  * Marathon training scares the crap out of me. (Figuratively. Not sure about literally. In order to know I would have to actually train for one.)
We all know how I feel about this one. And since it was my birthday week(end), there was no way I was going to miss out on anything that sounded even remotely fun. Like a track workout on Tuesday, or a century ride on Wednesday, or 7 miles on Friday morning to make it 33. (I turned 33 on Saturday, the day of the marathon.) I know it wasn't smart. But I didn't care about smart. All I care about the…