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New Bike Day & Coeur Love

So excited about my new Fuji Norcom Straight!!!  Bike love to the max! 
HUGE THANKS to T3 Triathlon for this beauty aka The Boyfriend! 

Funny and true story: The other day Max (8) had a friend over who apparently always comes over when I happen to not be home. So he asks Max: "Why is your mom always gone? Does she have a boyfriend?" Haha. The Husband overheard the conversation and had to laugh pretty hard. He then said: "Yep. She has a boyfriend. He is black and handsome and has two wheels." And since Karl is the one taking care of any issues The Boyfriend has, they know each other pretty well... As a matter of fact, Karl is the one that put the bike together in the first place! Thanks to him and Shaun at T3 Triathlon for taking time to do that for me! 

New bike day = the best day! 

And because I wasn't already spoiled enough with a new bike:  My new Coeur Team Kit has arrived!  I have so much love and adoration for this company and all that it stands for.  Abs…

March - Rising Tide Fun in Denver

Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching (RTTC) hosted its first (swim/run) camp in Denver. I got to be a pat of it and it was oh so much fun! After the February camp in Arizona and some great training in the following weeks, I wasn't feeling my best and headed to Denver definitely feeling a bit tired. I think that was Sonja's plan all along. This way I had a better chance of being able to just chill and go with the flow. It worked! 

Pat and I came a few days before everyone else and got to ride our bikes together in beautiful Colorado, a state I definitely haven't spent enough time in! Yes, it was at least as cold as it looks. We never took off any layers. We just added them as we climbed higher and higher and it got colder and colder. But Coach Sonja was right there following us in her car, so there was no crying or quitting... Which I am so glad I didn't because it ended up being a super fun and gorgeous day! 

And then the other campers arrived! I knew exactly none of them wh…

Friendships and Alpine Loop Shenanigans

the Alpine Loop in its winter glory
A few days after getting back from training camp in Phoenix and while still questioning my abilities to be a good friend to those I love, one of my favorite girls came to Utah for a visit and we got to spend some quality time together training but also just visiting and hanging out. The timing really was perfect: The in-laws were on a trip and we had the house to ourselves. Time to invite some friends over! 
fun in the sun snow with Anne and Donna
Another friend suggested a snowshoe adventure (minus the snowshoes for me - I prefer micro spikes unless there is a ton of powder) and of course we were in! If it must be cold and snow, you might as well go out and play in it! As we all know: Friends, sun, fresh air, mountains, and some exercise can do wonders for a heavy heart and a restless mind. Thank you, ladies! 

Smiles for miles!

I was really craving the proximity of a good friend and she couldn't have come at a better time.  Anne* was going throug…