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Nope, I am not going back to school to get a Masters. I would like to but it is not very high on my priority list at the moment. Neither is Karl. He already has one and is currently looking into PhD programs for next fall.

I did, however, join the Orem Masters Swim Team. I am now a Masters Swimmer.

Sounds like I am old . I am old. But guess what? In swimming, age does not matter so much. Everyone on the team that is faster than me is also older than me. By at least 10 years. That still leaves me some time to improve. Maybe.

I had been swimming at BYU for 8 years, when they decided to be mean and not let me into their pool anymore. Swimming is the most difficult logistically. And I am hard to please. Provo does not have any good options. Unless I want to get up at 4:30 am and elbow my way through a crowded pool.

Finally I decided it might be worth two weekly trips to Orem plus $35 a month to swim in a 50 meter pool and to have a coach. And it sure is! I love, love, love having a coach. Ev…