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Bikini Camp and A Little Race

the road to Bartlett Lake
Since we are moving at the end of May, I am running out of weekends to do all of the fun stuff that I was hoping to squeeze in before leaving! At all times, I have at least 3 different adventures that I am dreaming about and trying to make happen. It's what keeps me going day to day. Don't get me wrong, I like every day life. I enjoy 'the grind'. I am all about routine. But the BEST part is breaking out of it and chasing that which fills my heart and soul to the brim. 
I love being a mom and a wife. It brings me so much happiness. But it's not all that I am. And I am extremely grateful for a husband who understands my need for independence and lets me fly knowing I will come back. 

early morning at Bartlett Lake
Karen and I had been dreaming for a while about Bikini Camp where we camp in her VW van, train all day, and run around in bikinis the rest of the time. This is the kind of stuff we come up with sitting on trainers for hours during s…

Race Report: 2015 OCEANSIDE 70.3

I just counted. I have TEN drafts saved on here. Ten potential blog posts from the last few months that I have a put a fair amount of work into and then never got around to finishing them. That makes me sad. Because I truly like to write and share more than just race reports! So here is to a new start and keeping this blog more regularly updated. Not because I think more than five of you care but because I care! And because I have a degree in linguistics after all. So scribbling down grocery lists and workout notes doesn't always cut it.

Photo credit: Katie Morse
I did this race in 2012 and wrote ALL about it here. It wasn't one bit what I had been hoping for (except for that slot to 70.3 Worlds) and I had no desire to go back. So I didn't. But with Leadman 125 no longer an option, I had to reconsider Oceanside. And I am so glad I did!!! What made it so miserable in 2012 was mostly the weather. All winter I had been looking forward to warm and sunny California but race week…