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The Triple Brick - My Favorite

Yup. We had loads of fun! 
The day after my race in Vegas, we headed over to Flagstaff so the husband could attend some sort of Biology conference. (No, I am not a scientist, in case you can't tell. I studied linguistics...) I was easily convinced to come with him because - FRIENDS! I dearly miss my Flagstaff friends and training partners and was THRILLED to have a chance to hang out with them! As soon as we pulled into town, we headed over to Karen's for a birthday party. MY birthday party, actually. Because Karen knows me well, it was super low key and I loved it. Thank you, SuperK, for getting everyone together at your house! 
brick run #1
After two short days of hanging out with friends on the trails, at the pool, and on the trainer, Karen and I decided it was time for a little get-away to somewhere less cold and rainy. Phoenix - here we come! First stop: Dove Valley Road! Remember how much I love this road? It was perfect yet again and we had all kinds of fun on this ride!…

Race Report: 2015 Silverman 70.3

Lap pool in the backyard? Yes, please!  So spoiled. 
Yes! Always such a treat when I get to go on a trip with just the husband! I was really looking forward to this one! A much-needed get-away for Karl and me together while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. It's been over a year that we had a chance to do this and that I've had my favorite race sherpa and bike mechanic busy PhD student with me. But between me racing and him working, we still managed to have a whole lot of fun! 
Silverman 70.3 ended up being a GREAT race for me and I ended up on the (extended) podium in 6th place and with a decent pay check! Happy birthday to me!!! Below is the more detailed race report. I hope that you might learn something for your own race preparation and execution or just enjoy a good read. 
Happy as a clam. Hot, dry, sunny = my preferred race conditions
Race Plan

I want to make this blog more personal and share a bit more of my journey than I have in the past. This time, I will share…