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Race Report: SOMA HALF 2014

Crap. I would really like to write a lot MORE on here than just race reports! I write an awesome blog post in my head at least every other day but I just can't seem to get my act together to actually write it down. That's going to have to change. Not that you want to read about ALL of the random stuff going on in my life but this is about SO MUCH MORE than just racing and I would like my blog to reflect that. And I really enjoy writing! So I should do more of it before I have killed off any and all remaining brain cells... 
Love sunrise in the desert! 

Having missed out on Ironman Lake Tahoe because of the smoke and Silverman 70.3 due to sickness, I was pretty excited to finally race again after Vineman Full in July! That's almost 3 months of NO racing in the middle of the season. Yikes! 
I was also a bit worried. After 3 weeks of being sick, training was finally going well again and I sort of didn't want to interrupt it for a race. Not with Ironman Arizona just around …