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My New Foam Friend

These are the treasures I got for Christmas. I did get a couple more things but they are not really blog-worthy. We also had a very small Christmas budget, seeing how we are poor students.
Karl knows me well.
New socks. One pair of training socks just did not cut it anymore.
Hell on Wheels. DVD. Awesome documentary of the Tour de France. Featuring two of my favorite German riders. It was about time to move on from the triathlon documentary What it takes. I think we both have that one memorized.
Nutrition book by Monique Ryan. I am still at the very beginning. I decided to first read one that Coach M lent me called Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook. I was not too impressed with that one, so I hope this one will be more what I am looking for.
Garmin 305. This is not actually a present but I am super stoked to be able to use it for a while. My coaches, Heath and Mahogani, decided it was about time to keep better track of me. Since we cannot afford to buy a Garmin at this point…

Biking in Sedona

Sedona Ride
Today I got lucky!
We decided to spend Martin Luther King Day in Sedona. Partly because, if people up here find out that you have never been to Sedona, they give you a weird look and think you are crazy. Partly because the forecast was for 70 degrees down there and clear blue skies.
So we jumped in the car, left the crusty old snow behind us, headed south for less than an hour, and found ourselves in paradise. Sedona is like a mixture of Moab and St. George. Two of my favorite places. So close!
(So far I have not regretted not moving to Moscow, Idaho for graduate school.)
After a fun family hike, Karl gave me permission to hop on my bike and explore a little. First outside ride of the year! And all I needed was shorts, undershirt, and jersey. I was stoked!
I headed up Dry Creek Canyon Road and explored every paved turn-off until it either ended in a private community or turned to dirt. I had a blast! It was the perfect temperature and absolutely gorgeous. I was barely able to…

2011 Season

For those of you wondering whether I will be pregnant or racing in 2011... Well, it looks like I will be racing.
The Original Plan for this year was to be pregnant and have a baby. I whole-heartedly embraced the plan. 4 kids. Each 3 years apart. Pregnant. Newborn. 2 racing seasons. Pregnant again. I like plans.
But sometimes we need to be flexible. ( I hate that word. I am the least flexible person I know. Sometimes I catch myself telling other people: "It does not really matter. We are flexible." Only to realize that I was pretty much lying. I am hardly ever flexible. Now you know.)
So after realizing what it is really like to be living in Flagstaff, away from family and friends, with Karl back in school, and no money, we decided we needed to wait a little longer. Having 2 more kids while in graduate school did not seem like such a good idea anymore.
So I came up with a New Plan. And, of course, the new plan involves quite a bit of racing. I told Karl right away: "If I …

New Year's Eve Snowshoe Adventure

After completing this post and actually liking how it turned out, I lost the second half as I tried to publish it. I am extremely mad. Now it's not half as good as it was. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Being back home in Utah means having family, friends, and training partners around. And thanks to all of them, Karl and I were able to end the year with a much-needed adventure! One that we both went on, not just one of us. While the boys were cared for by loving grandparents and entertained by fun cousins, we ventured out in the woods for an epic snowshoe hike.
I was super excited to spend some quality time with 3 awesome girlfriends (oh, aehm, and my husband, of course) and Karl was happy to be joined by 2 of his ultra-running buddies. As you can tell, this was not going to be a walk in the park...
Jen, Heather, Anne, Karl, and I all squeezed into our Subaru and headed up Hobble Creek Canyon early Friday morning to meet up with Brian and Ben. We hiked for about 1.5 miles on the snow-…