Thursday, April 25, 2013

HT Training Camp

outdoor swims are my favorite!

Training camps are pretty much the best!!! 
I love, love, love them! 
I wouldn't mind having one every month! 

At this year's HT camp, we had lots of everything , including (but not limited to):

* Some great swimming with plenty of helpful (and fun) drills from Coachie! I do love his drills but I tend to get super cold while not moving much, so I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to drills. My favorite was definitely the one pictured above. Sit on your kick board and skull to the other side. Turns out that if this is how we moved through the water in a triathlon, I might actually make the front pack! 

* Warming up in the hot tub. I may or may not have stayed in there for an extra 10 minutes after everyone had already left. I can always eat my breakfast on the bike... 

* Obviously there was quite a bit of biking. My favorite! Here we are trying to hang on to Coachie while cruising on Red Hills Parkway.

* Some sun, some rain, lots of wind. It could've been worse! 

* A little team time trial. Let's just say that our team should've been the fastest but we were having some issues. Getting a bunch of triathletes and their ego all in one line is much harder than it seems! 

* Colleen hooked us up with a RunnerFit session which turned out to be awesome! This alone makes me want to move to St. George! 

* We ran. D'uh! But we didn't all look as good as Coachie while doing so.

* Hanging out with good friends doing what we love! 

don't Colleen and I look happy?

* I can't believe that I don't really have any pictures of us eating! Because there was a lot of that! I definitely miss that big bag of chips that I would get out of Coach M's suburban and dig into right after biking and while putting my running shoes on. Good times!

While things didn't go smoothly all of the time, I think we all had a great time, learned a lot, and are a little more ready for the 2013 season! Bring it on! 

  A huge Thank You to our fantastic Coaches, Heath and Mahogani, for organizing all of this craziness and putting up with us me! And to Colleen for showing us once again why she is the queen of all things triathlon in St. George! You are the best! 

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