Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Favorites

Just a few of my favorite things and people in 2015.
I know I am way behind on this blog but I have every intention of posting regularly in 2016.
Mainly because I want to document this fun and fulfilling journey with all of its ups and downs.
Not just the highlights. And because I actually enjoy writing.

Favorite Half
St. George 70.3

Favorite Image

Favorite Utah Swim Group
Provo Rec Masters

Favorite Running Weather
Dry Heat 

 Favorite Triathlon Store

Favorite Cross Training
Nordic Skiing

Favorite Full 

Favorite Book 
Daring Greatly

Favorite Lake
 Sand Hollow Reservoir

Favorite Triathlon Clothing

Favorite Moment
Winning Vineman Full

Favorite Husband

Favorite Playground 
Southern Utah 

Favorite Fall Ride
Nebo Loop 

Favorite Off-Season Adventure
Running in the Grand Canyon 

Favorite German to Ride Bikes with

Favorite Guy to Draft Behind
The Bus

Favorite Loop Ride
Alpine Loop 

Favorite Indoor Short-Course Pool
Provo Recreation Center

Favorite Ride in the Valley of the Sun
Bartlett Lake

Favorite Family

Favorite Mountains
The Wasatch Front

Favorite Training Buddies

Favorite Bike

Favorite Race Vacation
Silverman 70.3

Favorite Piece of Art 
When I am 100 years old, 
I will be a professional at any sport
by Max (then 5)

Favorite Boys

Favorite Vehicle
Karen's Westy

Favorite Training Camp
Bikini Camp

Favorite Happy Place
On Two Wheels

Favorite Girl

Favorite Group Ride
Pay'n Take

It's been a good, good year. Thanks for being a part of it!