Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Delightful Adventure

This post is dedicated to the Cherry Chubs. I missed you, girls, so much.
Remember this view from our 'backyard' in Provo? It is still just as gorgeous.

A few weeks ago, we were finally able to embark on this winter's snowshoe adventure. About 5 years ago, we would do this every weekend, and now we do it once a year. But, it was (almost) like old times!

We met at Karl's parents house (not quite as early) in the morning. We met there not because Karl still lives with his parents, but because that is where we dropped off the kids. As usual, April was on time, and Spencer late. We did not have a big group going, but definitely great company.

Due to lack of snow in the valley, we decided last minute to drive up Southfork Canyon and hike over Lightening Ridge and down into Rock Canyon.

The untouched snow and the view was absolutely beautiful.

I was a little disappointed that April did not bring canned peaches like last time. I guess she is tired of us (still) making fun of her. Note: Canned peaches was the ONLY food she brought last time. This time she redeemed herself by bringing a chicken wrap and sharing it with us. Thanks, April.

It is a perfect hike. Just when you get a little tired and hope to be able to go downhill soon, you are at the top!

We were running a little late and the top we got a call from Karl's dad to see when we would be back. Oops. So we went down the fastest and funnest way possible. On our bums. This is the best part of snowshoeing. We slid almost all the way into Rock Canyon and then hiked/ran back to the car.

I asked Spencer what he thought of the hike since he had said earlier that he was not really into snow sports. His answer: "It was delightful." What? What kind of an answer is that? Who calls a 6 hour hike over a mountain "delightful"? I thought it was pretty funny. Just Spencer being Spencer.

Happily reunited with the kids, we went to jump on Becky's tramp. What else...


Smart Helm said...

Looks like fun! I miss snow.

Jamie Pearson said...

yeah snowshoeing. I think i missed all the snowshoeing adventures with the Cherry Chubbs. The only time i ever went was your your bridal shower. oh man glad you are having fun in the snow!

Emily Nice said...

looks like a beautiful day! Glad you got to enjoy the snow as I hear it won't be around much longer. Fun pictures!