Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Bad Ending to a Great Week

Post double-brick on Thursday

4100m swim
(4th of July Parade)
2:30 brick
(4th of July Party)

4000m swim
(swim lessons)
(sports camp)
10 mile tempo run
1:00 stretching and foam rolling

In order to redeem my self from last week's horrible run,
we came up with a new plan.
Coach M now has me do my warm-up on the bike.
I love running off the bike.
It also eliminates thoughts such as:
"Crap! Why do I need to warm up at 8:00 pace?
This is not an easy pace for me.
I am screwed already.
There is no way I can make these times."

I came up with another great idea.
How about I run the first 5 miles on the treadmill
and the last 5 outside?
Holding a fast pace is so much easier on the treadmill.
But maybe if my legs are used to it
they can do it outside as well!

Well, the monsoon got a little in the way of this idea.
After 1/4 of a mile in torrential downpour,
I was swimming in my shoes
and decided to go back to the gym.
Of course, once I was back on the treadmill
and looked outside,the rain had stopped.


3:00 HR ride
(swim lessons)
(swimming at the Aquaplex)
(playdates at our house)
1:00 core synergistics
(I really just needed a break from my kids,
so I took them to the gym.)
(dinner with the Rue family)


4300m swim
2:40 double brick
(everything after that is a blur)
(dinner with the Rue family)

Colleen Rue came to town for a smashfest at altitude!
She is my PowerTri teammate
and we are both with HT training.
So we told Coach M to put us on the same plan and - voila! -
I have a training partner!
I was in heaven!


10 mile run - mile repeats
(Slide Rock State Park)
(Pizza with the Rue family)
1:20 at the gym

Slide Rock is where it went bad.
The natural water slides over rocks (with child in lap)
had already taken its toll
but I was still quite intact.
At the end of the fun I shouldered 2 big bags,
picked up one tired and whiny kid,
scrambled up the rocks, slipped, fell,
smashed my right thigh against some rocks,
and was in pain.

Luckily, the child was ok.
I barely made it back to the car. It hurt like crazy!
I was having a hard time driving home
since I could not move my leg
from the gas pedal to the break.

I was mad!

Not too mad, actually.
I love going fun and exciting places with my kids.
We had a blast exploring and playing
in the water with the Rue family.
First and foremost, I am a mom.
And I take that job seriously.
(Well. You know. Kind of.)
I'd rather get hurt living life to the fullest with my kids
than be stuck at home watching TV.
(We don't even have TV.)


No brick for me. Sorry, Colleen!
Just a little hobble over to the gym for some damage control.
Biking might be ok soon.
Running is out of the question.
Maybe the elliptical?

On the bright side,
I had already put in more than 19 hours this week!
So I finally cleaned out the kids' closet
and was still going strong at 8 pm.
Is this how I could feel
if I did not waste all my energy on exercise?

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Leslie said...

I hope that leg plays nice for you soon!