Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St. George 70.3 - What I Will NOT Look Like

Oh my. I can't believe I am actually posting any of these picture on the internet. It's quite embarrassing but also pretty entertaining. But, hey, I have an excuse: It was 1996!!! I am sure not all of you walked around with hideous sunglasses, a race number 3 times the size of your head, and your 'bikini' bottoms pulled up all the way to your belly button. Funny thing is, if I remember right (and I am hardly ever wrong): I thought I was pretty cool back then! Ha! Sometimes I crack myself up... 

These pictures (except for the very last) are from my very first triathlon back when I was 16. How times have changed! I will most certainly not be wearing... What do you call that thing? It's not really a bikini but it's definitely not your regular two-piece either. Whatever it is, I have no intentions of ever wearing it (or anything remotely similar) again. (Although I may or may not still have that outfit in some drawer back in Germany.) I am also happy to report that I have gotten new sunglasses and a new helmet since then. Phew! And chances are, if everything goes according to plan, I will not come to a dead stop (as pictured above) when getting on my bike on Saturday. However, the perfect flying mount is still a work in progress... 

The good news is: I also got a new bike since then! It may not be a huge improvement but at least when it comes to wheel-size I am in style now. (Back then every triathlete was riding 650c wheels which are smaller than what we are riding now. Here is an article on the subject in case you are curious.) More good news: I do NOT look like the above anymore when getting off my bike in a race. The bad news: I am pretty sure I crashed as I was trying to get off that thing. Don't judge, it was my first race. Which I think is why my knee is scraped up in this picture:  

I kinda wish I could go back and read that race report. But I am not even sure my family owned a computer back then. We were just coming out of the dark ages at that time. But, looking at myself sprinting to the finish line, I am sure of one thing: I was just as determined and passionate about the sport of triathlon at my first race as I am now! And I am hoping to replicate that nice little sprint on Saturday! 

Ok. Let's end this post with a semi-decent picture which must have been taken in the same era: 

(Definitely in Germany. Definitely pre-kids. Definitely past sweet-sixteen.) 

Fine. I'll tell you when I think this picture was taken. (Mostly because I am really good at procrastinating writing that resume.) Somehow the race that comes to mind is a popular pool sprint back in 2003. I was back home in Germany for the summer, taking a break from my linguistics studies at BYU in Utah. So I signed up for some races. My boyfriend, DP, came to hang out and travel for a few weeks as well, and happened to be there for this one. So I dug up the lovely 'bikini'!?! Actually, I am pretty sure I (mostly) chose this outfit because it was the only suitable thing to for a pool swim followed by a bike and a run. Apparently, he was neither impressed by this race kit nor by my overall win as he broke up with me at the end of the summer... Can't blame the guy. 


Damie said...

saw your blog linked from Angi. This is hilarious! Love this and thanks for sharing. Congrats on all of your years in the sport- huge accomplishment.

goonie said...

You are FANTASTIC!! Love this post. I also give you a loud shout OUT for your years in the sport! Thanks for motivating me. -Courtney