Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looks but No Power

I realize that my arms don't look all that strong. But it seems that they are in decent shape. Well, they're not. Not at all. Turns out that they are pathetic little wimps.

I guess I should not be too surprise since I hardly do any weight training, especially during racing season. I do a lot of core and quite a few exercises with my own body weight but I am not a fan of weights. Part of the problem is that I know nothing about weight training. I own a pair of 5-pound what-are-those-these-things-called*. Come to think of it: I don't even own them. I have been borrowing them from a friend for the last few years. Thanks, Jen!

* "Karl, what are the weights called that we have in the closet?"
"Aehm. Dumbbells. I think. Not sure."
Clearly my bike mechanic isn't of much help in this department.

After Vegas, I started going to a 'body sculpt' class at the Y. I went last winter and it's super fun. Everything with loud dance music is fun to me! This is where I found out how wimpy my arms really are. I know better than to get the 12- and 10-pound weights out like everybody else. I go for 8- and 5- pounds. While everybody (bigger women, tiny women, old women...) push their 2*12 pounds around like it's nothing, I am struggling to lift my little 8-pounders. Half-way through the song, I have to switch to my lighter weights and even then my arms are burning. What is wrong with them?

Well, at least I can out-push-up everyone in the class! And 'boot camp' is right up my alley...

Nevertheless, I am committed to doing more strength training! Now is the time! During our Utah visits in November and December, I am going to pick Jen's brain about weight lifting. She is a Pro at it! Plus, they got TRX at the Y now and I am figuring it out slowly. I love it but I can only use it when no one is around since I don't want to look like a fool. And that hardly ever happens.

No worries, I am still going to make fun of the guys at the gym who stack countless weights onto the bar, barely lift the thing above their head, do 1 rep, grunt loudly, do 1 more rep, and then fall over dead. I just don't see the point in being at the gym for an hour and only exercising my muscles for 15 minutes. But to each their own!

Happy (weight) Training!

PS: I was loving spending all afternoon on Saturday in front of the computer following the Ironman World Championships in Kona. So many amazing and inspiring performances. Even if it was not the German sweep I was hoping for...

PPS: Last night I had the pleasure of sharing the track with 115 (!) enthusiastic runners from Team Run Flagstaff! I kid you not. There were 116 of us! Organized craziness! It was super fun and all the kids played very well together on the side under a beautiful full moon! Good times.

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Karl Jarvis said...

Yes, looks, and no, you don't have a lot of power in your arms. But how about strength, endurance, technique, experience, recovery, etc.? It's great to have something to improve on anyway