Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Day

Flagstaff this morning

(My friend, Erin, took this picture this morning. View from her house. Since I basically live down the street, I figured I could snatch her picture and post it here. Karl took our camera...)

Today they called a snow day. Actually, they called it last night already. School cancelled. Boys home all day. We had a great time enjoying the fresh powder, sledding, baking, and playing. I also managed to convince them to come to the gym with me in the morning and to the pool at night. Because they are such good sports, I let them do some more (!) sledding after my swim. It was past their bedtime, my hair was wet, and we had yet to have dinner. But they just could not pass up the awesome jumps some college students had built!

They passed out as soon as their cute little heads hit the pillow. And I am about to do the same...

I don't think I can handle 2 snow days in a row without Karl around, so I am praying for school to be in session tomorrow! Besides, I have an awesome 3-hour bike-squat-run-bike smashfest planned and I am not about to give it up! It might as well be Christmas tomorrow. Thanks for the present, Coach M!

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