Friday, May 14, 2010

5 in 5

Just a few weeks ago I was wondering how much I would be able to race this season. I had not signed up for any races yet. My racing calendar was empty.

Well, things have changed. Quite drastically. I am now signed up for 5 races in the next 5 weeks. I am not sure how I got into this much trouble this fast. But I am determined to make the best of it and enjoy each race to the fullest.

Here is what I am going to be up to the next few weekends:

St. George Triathlon
sprint distance

Kida Relay
24 hour bike/run relay

Daybreak Triathlon
olympic distance

Salem Spring Triathlon
sprint distance

Cache Valley Triathlon
olympic distance

I am really excited for all of them! I have no experience racing this much and I am not sure how to recover/train in between. But I do know that it is going to be fun! I will definitely fill you in on the details...

I am really fortunate to have such great support. Huge thanks for making this possible go to

my family

Now let the good times roll... Happy racing and training to everyone!

PS: For more information on each race, just click on its name.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Whohoo! I didn't realize you were doing Cache. Still haven't done that one myself. You'll do great I'm sure. Would a win at each be awesome?? It would be......except at Salem maybe ;)