Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biking with the Big Boys

(I really only love the gym in bad weather. Or when I need a safe place for my little tag-along(s). Which is quite frequent these days. Not having Jen or Grandma/Grandpa around can sure be a challenge. But, no worries, I will always find a way to sneak in my workouts.)

In my book, nothing beats biking outside in sunny, warm weather with a great group of athletes. And who would have thought that I would have the chance to do just that at 7,000 feet in mid-December??? I was thrilled.

Rewind a few weeks.

I had heard about the group ride leaving Saturday morning and riding about 60 miles. But I had also heard that they are fast, cyclists, and mostly guys. I had no desire to show up as a female triathlete on a TT bike. I'd rather ride by myself.

Then Karl turned my old TT bike into a road bike. A day later I was ready to (try to) roll with the Big Boys. It went just like I had expected. A bunch of stuck-up cyclists wearing the latest gear on the nicest bikes. Of course, the ones that will actually talk to me turn out (more or less) nice but we all know how cyclists feel about triathletes. In general. And I am ok with that. It just makes me smile. Cycling has so much etiquette and so many rules, I can't keep it all straight. Although I have been well educated by the Germans, believe me.

Of course I got dropped but not until after the half-way point. Nor was I the only one. So I rode home with a couple of other guys. Have I mentioned that I was the only girl? Well, I was.

The second time I rode with the Big Boys, 2 other girls showed up! I was stoked. Unfortunately, Michelle (who I also swim with) got a flat early on and was out before I even had a chance to talk to her. Bummer. The other girl must have turned around at some point, because when we got to the turn-around, she was no where to be found. Double bummer. I got dropped again and ended up cruising home with a 65-year-old long-haired dude. It was awesome. Good times.

Last Saturday we had a huge group. Something like 24 people! I am not sure I have ever ridden in a group that large. I loved it! It never lasts long, though. People get dropped as soon as we get out of town but I had high hopes. 4 other girls! I actually managed to talk to some of them. Wow. Imagine that! I was also feeling better than I had the previous few weeks. I think my strength is slowly coming back after the break, and I am liking it! Bring it on! I still got dropped but a little later than usual. So did Alex and we rode a nice pace back into town. Definitely my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning. (After a nice early morning swim, I might add.)

I have a plan. Some Saturday in the spring when Coach gives me the green light (or not) and I am feeling fit, I am going to hang with the Big Boys. I am just going to hang on for dear life and not let them drop me. I will take my cell phone with me, so Karl can pick me up in case I fall off the bike. I am already looking forward to that day!

Happy Winter Cycling!


Leslie said...

Go get em Sarah! I've always wanted to do that, just absolutely hang with a hard pace as long as I can and see how long that is, and then prepare to feel like death :)

jAmiE Lambert said...

That's awesome!! So jealous that you get to ride outside in warmer whether than here, but very happy for you at the same time. Live it up!