Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gym Extravaganza

I enjoyed a gym extravaganza the other day.
It was awesome.

Thursday at midnight Karl needed to turn in his last project of the semester.
Friday he was a free man!
(For the next 2 weeks, at least.)
So, magnificent wife that I am, I signed him up as the
parent helper
for Noah's preschool party.
I made sure Max was able to come as well,
so I would have the whole morning to myself!
Preschool is 9-12.
That was not going to quite cut it,
so I left the whole get-the-kids-dressed-fed-and-groomed
to Karl as well and headed out the door before 8.

Here is how it went down:

Run - 1:15 - HR zone 2
Spin class - 1:00
Body Sculpture class - 1:00
Core class - 0:30
Elliptical - 0:15
Overall - 4:00

Some was hard, most was fun, and all was just really good!

Thank you, Karl.

I went back on the treadmill the next day for a nice 2-hour run
during NBC's Kona coverage. More on that later.
I need to go outside and get some fresh air for once...

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