Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kona Coverage

American TV is driving me crazy. I can't handle it. Not one minute of it. That is why we don't have TV at our house. At all.

But I thought I could maybe handle NBC's coverage of the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. So I packed my bag and headed over to the YMCA. Gotta love the treadmills with your own little integrated TV.

The coverage definitely had its good moments but overall it was very disappointing. What's up with the soothing, low voice of the narrator? And all the slow motion, especially during the swim? Why, oh why do they have to add so much drama? The race itself is plenty dramatic. How come they never even mentioned or showed the Age Group champions? The coverage of the women's race was poor, to say the least. I could go on and on but I will spare you.

Here is what I did like:

Macca. Not that I necessarily like him as a person but you've gotta admit that he was awesome! I also enjoyed his trash talking during the interview. Definitely not as much or as hostile as usual but entertaining nonetheless. Definitely a worthy Champion!

Raelert. I so wish he could have won. I mean, he's German after all and would've definitely deserved it. Did you notice that out of all the guys passing Lieto, he was the only one that took a second to give him a pat on the back and say some kind words? I did. Did you hear how the media tried to make it a big deal about his shaking hands with Macca? They really tried hard to create some enmity between the two. Raelert was not having it though. I am proud of him.

Mirinda's performance was absolutely stunning. She ran a 6:35 pace on average for the entire marathon. Unbelievable. She is my hero.

I really wish they would've shown more of Steffen. I think they mentioned her twice. Once when she passe Dibens and then when she crossed the line in 2nd. Second! I am super excited for her!

Anyway. I am glad I watched. The stories of the age group athletes they showed were very impressive. Really. But, in my opinion, there were too many of them and they took up too much time. Drama, drama, drama.

So here is the question you might ask yourself and I ask myself, too.

Do I want to go to Kona and participate in the Ironman World Championships?

The honest answer is:

No. Not now. Maybe later. Hopefully together with Karl some day. Maybe when we are in our 50s. Right now it is not even option. No time. No money. But even if I had time and money, the race itself just does not seem that appealing at this point in the game.

And that, my friends, is the truth. Although I might change my mind at some point.

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