Friday, June 17, 2011

Alpine Loop - Family Bonding

Sorry. No time for a race report. Bags are packed and I have 5 minutes until we are off to race #3 in 3 weeks. That is definitely not enough time to tell you about my Boise race.

I have had plenty of fun this week. Lots of family time. 2 trail runs in Rock Canyon. Wednesday was the perfect day to ride the Alpine Loop. Warm, sunny, absolutely beautiful, great company, and - the best part - it is still closed to traffic!

I had already recruited my good friends Leslie and Jen for the ride when my nephew told me that he was doing a century ride in a few weeks. So I invited him along as well. The more, the merrier. Colin recently returned from his mission in Korea and I have definitely not spent enough (or any, really) quality time with him. Of course, I had to make fun of his baggy basketball shorts. (He claims that he wore bike shorts underneath.) But other than that we had some great family bonding. Thanks for tagging along with your old aunt* and her lady friends, Colin!

Alright. I am out of here. Time for a girls weekend with a little race thrown in there!

* I can't really get over the fact that I have a 22-year-old nephew. That makes me ancient!


Jamie Pearson said...

Whatever Sarah you are not ancient. Hope your race went well can't wait to hear all about it

Kelly Divine said...

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