Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boise 70.3 Preparations

Hey Leslie! Will I get to race with you at all this year? I miss you!

I really need to write my Salem Race Report. Really - as in - I promised the Race Directors it would be up Sunday or Monday and today is Wednesday. Oops. How did that happen? I could really use an extra day or 2 to be ready (to leave) for Boise. However, we are departing tomorrow at 3 pm and I could not be more excited.

Are you wondering why I am not writing my Race Report right now? Well, I don't have the patience to look for pictures and form decent sentences right now. I just wasted an hour biking to and from and being at my massage therapist, only to realize that I had the time wrong. Argh. So annoying. Nothing makes me more upset than other people wasting my time or me wasting my own time. I also really need that massage. My body has not been cooperating quite as well this season as it has in the past.


Well... Let's see... It is now 9pm. I still have not written the race report, or showered, or gone for my run, or shaved my legs, or packed a thing. This whole day just did not go according to plan. Maybe this is good practice for Saturday...

I did, however, spend a fantastic afternoon with my good friend Mandy and our kids at the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point. I briefly considered canceling and instead getting everything on my list done. Then I realized how very selfish that would have been and quickly changed my mind. If I had to choose between good friends and a good race, I would most definitely choose friends.

I also made it to PowerTri for some new goggles and nutrition. Gladly took Reed's offer to stay at work an extra hour and squeeze me in for a massage at 6pm. Headed over to Coachie's house so he could put some race wheels on my bike. I know. I know. Not a good idea to try something new on race day. But Heath would not listen to me.

I can't believe I am going to skip the one workout Coach M gave me for today! (Besides the swim that I snuck in early this morning.) But I am tired and the last thing I want is to feel crappy on the last run before the race. Not good. Tapering is hard and I told Coach M that I might be going nuts this week. She had no pity on me. So far I am hanging in there...

Now I am off to tell you all about the Salem Spring Triathlon!


JessWilson said...

Good Luck in Boise!! Also, can't wait to read your race report from Salem. :)

WARNERS said...

I loved reading your Salem race report. I am anxiously awaiting the Boise report! You are so inspiring!

Thank you for taking time to play with us, with all you had going on. I loved being able to see you and loved that our kids had so much fun together!

Leslie said...

Aw, thanks Sarah. I don't know if we'll get to race this go around, but hopefully the next!
I was feeling the same way about Wednesday before my little race too and I've come to decide it's better to take those days off when you're in the week of a race than to push it and not have a fresh body.
You did fantastic!!!