Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Karl, remind me...

... that I don't run in less than 30 degrees!

Unless the sun is in full force.
Or something.

An early Saturday morning trail run in Provo Canyon
with great company including KJ*?
Sounded like a fantastic idea until it was time
to get out of bed.
I don't mind waking up early but I made the mistake
to check the current air temperature.


I did not think it was too bad until KJ reminded me
that there is always wind in the canyon.
And the sun won't be up for at least half the run.
Suddenly, my bed was feeling extremely comfortable and warm...

I have decided for myself that I just don't like the cold.
Extreme cold = No fun
Not sure why have turned into a wuss over the last few years
but ... I have.

Glad to say that we did, indeed, drag ourselves out of bed
and enjoyed all Saturday morning had to offer:

Snow-covered peaks
New friends
Good conversations
Bright blue skies
Fun trails

Except for maybe one little episode of me whining
because I still had not warmed up and thought
I was going to be freezing for the rest of my life.
This is when I asked Karl to remind me of the above.

Thank you, friends!
I miss you!
Karl and I are hoping for an epic snow adventure
between Christmas and New Year's.
Who is in?

* From now on (whenever I remember) I am going to refer to my husband, Karl Jamison, as KJ. I've always wanted to and this is my blog - so I will.

** Pictures by Chris Shurian and Shawna Rasmussen.

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