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New Year's Eve Ride to Zion

At the Temple of Sinawava

St. George is everything I had hoped for: 

blue skies
amazing scenery
fun HT Training teammates

Craig and Colleen

non-stop triathlon talk
warm(er) temperatures
awesome group of riders
a goofball for a Coach

The drive down with HT was great. 
Nothing like picking his brain and getting the scoop 
on Utah triathlon gossip
The drive seemed to fly by 
which probably had something to do with Heath 
driving about 90 mph most of the time. 
We even got in a nice little ride, run, and swim (clinic)
before heading over to Colleen's house for dinner and more tri talk. 

We had a great turnout on Saturday morning for the Zion Ride. Probably about 30 people. Let's just say that it was not as organized as the PnT rides that I am used to and I am blaming it on the triathletes. It was super fun (nonetheless). And a little bit tiring. I had not ridden 80 miles in quite a while. 

** Pacelines. They did eventually form. I am a fan! 
** Breath-taking scenery. It never gets old. 
** Screaming down Zion Canyon at 30 mph average over 10 miles. There were 10 of us at this point          
     and it was an absolute blast
** Pacing myself well enough to make it back to the car happy and healthy.

** Coach M telling HT to test us during the ride. If she meant having Heath pull the Pain Train at a ridiculous pace and see whether or not we would eventually fall off, I failed
** Getting dropped right after those very fast 10 miles. Luckily, I was not the only one and had a couple of great ladies to fight the raging winds with on our way back. 

The rest of our New Year's Eve was rather uneventful but very nice and I was in bed before midnight. Boring, I know, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Happy 2012!!!


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