Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Awesome Coaches

After wrecking my brain
about how to organize my thoughts
on coaches, coaching, being coached, etc.,
I have realized that one post is not going to cut it.

So today I just want to introduce
my coaches
(whom most of you know already)
Heath and Mahogani Thurston.

Mahogani competing in the Women's Tri

I know. I am lucky.
I don't just have one coach but two!
Believe me, that is a good thing.

Mahogani is one tough lady, believe me!

I actually met Mahogani way back in 1998/99.
I was an exchange student at Provo High School
and part of the swim team.
(I also did track and cross-country.)
Mahogani happened to be the assistant swim coach.
Honestly, I don't have many memories
of my time on the swim team.
Cross-country was way more fun and exciting!
But I do remember Mahogani...

(If I remember right, she met Heath,
who was also helping to coach some high school team,
during one of our swim meets that year.)

Ɯberswimmer Heath ready to tear up the water

The first memory I have of Heath
is back in 2003
when a bunch of us were in some kind of Triathlon Video.
Don't ask me for details.
I have no idea who made the video, what it was for,
or how it turned out.
I have yet to see it.
But it sure was fun to meet and play with great athletes.

On his (very outdated) blog,
Heath says:

"Being a professional triathlete
has come with many challenges
and many ups and downs,
but at the end of the day I love what I do.
My wife says that I have a lot of natural athletic talent,
I have learned that only takes you so far.
I always dreamed of being able to be a professional athlete
I just wasn't sure how this dream would be realized,
slowly but surely it has.

I am a "
non-conventional" pro
in that I've been married for almost 9 years
and have 2 beautiful daughters.
Having a family has strengthened me in many ways
and it definitely helps to come home to two little girls
who think I'm number one
even if I flatted and didn't finish the race!"

My Coach is a Goofball!

Heath, who is a PowerTri athlete and on Team Fezzari,
"grew up swimming.
He earned great accolades during his High School years.
After his first blissful year of marriage,
Heath had gained 50 pounds and in 2001
started doing triathlons as a way to get back in shape.

By 2004 he won almost every race he entered
and decided that he might have found
what he was looking for in a career.
Heath will enter his third full season
as a professional triathlete in 2010.

Some of his personal bests are
4:14 Austin Half Ironman and
9:26 Florida Ironman.

He has had his share of ups and downs
in races and training
but he expects 2010
to be the best season yet.
He loves everything about triathlon.
His wife teases that once you get him talking about triathlon,
you might never get him to stop!"

Mahogani won her age group!

I had the pleasure of racing with Heath
at the Scofield Escape Triathlon
a couple of weeks ago.
It was fun to see him
leave everyone far behind on the swim
and then hold on to that advantage
on the bike and run.
He won by almost 8 minutes!

Austin Half Ironman

Here is what I like about being coached by Heath and Mahogani:

getting personal training plans daily
weekly workouts as a team
Heath's amazing ability to teach you how to swim correctly
they are local and always available
their expertise/experience in all things triathlon
they like to have fun
they know what it is like to have a family
they are training/racing themselves
they are very generous
my kids like playing with their kids
nothing is a big deal and everything can be worked out
Heath is also a massage therapist
Heath will change your kid's dirty diaper so you don't have to get out of the pool!

Their kids, Scout and Kida, playing in the hot tub

Next time I will tell you about why I made the switch from
coaching myself for more than 8 years
to doing whatever Heath and Mahogani tell me.

Their contact information:




Nate + Carlee said...

I love this post! I think it's awesome to have coaches. As far as training is concerned, I LOVE being told what to do.

Also, I am waiting for your Scofield report...even though I was there I am still on the edge of my seat.

Marci said...

Great read Sarah. I learned a lot about you as well. You are amazing!! I'm enjoying having Heath & Mahogani coach me as well. They are a great pair...fun, experienced and knowledgeable. Great job at Scofield!!