Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nebo Loop

Who wouldn't want to bike right here???

I have always loved Mount Nebo.
We've climbed to the False Summit in the winter.
We've climbed to the South Summit in the winter.
But we have yet to make it to the very top.

Right now it is incredibly green.
You should go see for yourself.

We decided to camp here for two reasons:
1) I wanted to bike the Nebo Loop
2) I really wanted to bike the Nebo Loop
while still having some family fun

I honestly thought there were at least two reasons
but now I can't really come up with a second one
that makes sense.
Oh well...

This is how it went down

Pack, pack, pack
Drive to Karl's work in Spanish Fork
Bike from there to Payson
Climb, climb, climb

It's definitely a long climb
but never too steep and very scenic.
Next time I wouldn't choose a Friday late afternoon.
I am pretty sure my chances of getting lung cancer
went up by about 50%.
I remember at one point thinking:
"Wow. I haven't gotten passed by a car/truck/RV in about 2 minutes.
The fresh air and quietude are lovely!"

Never mind this goofball on her TT bike climbing
Never mind my fat gut either

After climbing for about 10 miles
I got a nice little 2 mile descent
down to the Blackhawk Campground
where I met up with the boys.

Camp, eat, sleep, have fun!

Hop back on my bike the next afternoon
and meet up with Jen down at Payson Lakes.
Jen is the greatest biking partner ever!
We don't get to ride together very often
because we are usually watching each other's kids.
So this was a special treat.

Jen is an amazing climber.
I think I have yet to see her NOT go all out
on even the slightest uphill.
She sees a hill - she tackles it.
It is very inspiring and gets me out of my

We make it to the top at
9,345 feet
Enjoy the views
Fight winds on the downhill
Speed down Nephi canyon
Cruise back on the flats to Payson

The whole loop is a little over 70 miles.
I biked 30 Friday and 63 Saturday.
When I got off the bike
I had a 40 minute run waiting for me.
Love bricks!

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Leslie said...

NICE workout Sarah! Wish you had time to do it again before you move so I could come along too