Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strength Training

This is my way of doing strength training on the bike

You need:

a 30lb bike trailer
a 26lb toddler
a 40lb child*

Then add:

a full diaper bag
your running stuff
a tool box

you bike to Grandma's house
across town in the foothills

you go for a semi-long run
in the foothills

you bounce your kids
on the trampoline

you tow everything
back home

In case that's not enough
you can swim early morning with Masters
go grocery shopping at Walmart with your kids

I am going to bed

* Noah could technically bike there himself, but today I chose pulling an extra 40lbs over pushing him up the hill while riding next to him. My back does not like it.


JessWilson said...

You're one amazing Mama! I rode the bike today with both boys and then later with just Adam. So much easier (and faster!) with just my little guy but now I'm glad you've reminded me that I was just building strength with Dylan in there too. :)

Barbie said...

Exhausting, but excellent work.

Kim said...

Nice!! Hey.. I saw you might be planning to do Pumpkinman. Would that be the Pumpkinman in my neck of the woods.. up in Maine?


Leslie said...

Nice workout Sarah! I love trailer adventures